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Miigwech aki deconstruction

Sustainable Demolition Services

Miigwech Aki (“Thank You Earth”) is an environmentally conscience social new social enterprise developed under the Northwest Indian Community Development Center, which is an Native controlled 501(c)3 registered in the state of Minnesota, governed by a board of directors.


MIIGWECH AKI DECONSTRUCTION is an insured, full-service deconstruction company in Bemidji, Minnesota offering a friendly alternative to traditional mechanical demolition services. We provide deconstruction services for residential and commercial buildings, ranging from partial dismantling, to the hand disassembly of entire structures.


All Miigwech Aki staff members are required undergo OSHA 30, CPR, and other internal safety trainings PRIOR to working on any of our job sites.

Contact us today for more information. 
(218)759-2022  ask for Rod Northbird


Here’s how it works: The demolition client hires a deconstruction contractor to salvage building materials. Rather than destroying the structure with a wrecking ball, the salvage demolition contractor dismantles it by hand. Lighting, roofing, flooring, cabinets, windows, doors, and even framing lumber are preserved intact and donated to charitable organizations for tax purposes. This does require more labor than traditional demolition, but in the end the building owner saves money after receiving the tax write off.

As an example, Pamela and Scott saved about $66,000 by following this deconstruction process. The Weisses paid roughly $20,000 for deconstruction—about twice the cost of traditional demolition. An appraiser valued the deconstructed materials at $159,000. Come tax time, the Weisses can apply that $159,000 write off to their tax bill, which will work out to about $66,000 of savings according to their tax bracket.


The IRS has long offered this tax benefit, but it has only gained popularity recently, mainly in West coast cities including Portland and Seattle. But, it is now catching on here in Minnesota.


Please Call us at: 218-759-2022 to find out more information on purchasing salvaged building materials.

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